The beginning and where we are now...?

 It sounds like a cliché, but I have to say that sport is part of our daily lives and it is one of the corner stones of our lifestyle. We are not the same; physical exercise means something else for all of us. No matter what type of sport we do, there is something in which we undoubtedly resemble each other, something that separates us from the less active members of society – we have a sense of increased purpose, physical and mental balance, and the feeling of belonging to a community. We would like to highlight the most important thought that has been with us through all these years and often gave us strength, it goes like this: NEVER GIVE UP! About five years ago, CrossFit slowly began to infiltrate Europe. At that time, only a very few people knew about it in our country and in neighbouring countries, and even fewer were doing it. For active athletes like us, there was never a doubt that we wanted to get to know the ins and outs of this complex training regimen as soon as possible. At first, we wanted to incorporate this method into our own training routine, and later into our clients’ program  well. Of course, we had a series of training courses, and people used to individual training sessions gradually adapted to the atmosphere of group session. That’s when we thought about starting a family and about opening a new fitness place. We had to consider what we were capable of, and think about those tasks ahead of us that cannot wait. Since we were the first ones to open a CrossFit gym in Dunajská Streda, we had no doubts in this regard. We both wanted a family too, and so we began our journey. We knew that it was going to be a long and difficult road - though looking back now, we thought it would be an easier one. During pregnancy, we have completed a series of training courses and we have spent our free time mastering the basic exercises. In the meantime, our first CrossFit gym has opened its doors, and we still think about it fondly. It was really small but it had everything that was required for training. Many people still recall the homely atmosphere of the place.

 It is true, the kind of environment we spend  free time working out really does matter. Unfortunately, life did leave some negative memories as well. Due to the continuous exhaustion, Gabi has been hospitalized with meningitis. Life had to go on, and I couldn't just close the gym, not even with a three weeks old baby in my arms. My thoughts revolved around her fast recovery, our baby boy and our common goals. This period made both of us stronger, and it made us want to realize our goals more consciously than ever.

 From the small room, we have moved to a bigger one. This move was necessary not just due to the increasing number of our clients, but because we also wanted to implement other types of exercises besides CrossFit. Boxing workouts gave many people a chance to somewhat snap out of the monotony. Also, getting to know new sports has a positive effect on performance in our main form of activity. Considering the importance of rehabilitation, we have learnt about the SM-SYSTEM method. With the help of this new method, we have been able provide people with spinal problems the possibility of living a physically active life. After rehabilitation, many have decided to try CrossFit, which they could not even dream of before. Our son has spent the days with us in the gym, usually he just slept through the training sessions, and you could say that he became totally resistant to noises. He knew every corner of the place. Before he could walk, just ten months old, he held himself confidently for fifteen seconds on the bar, smiling. Many people have condemned us at that time, saying that we waste those precious childhood years. What were we thinking? Even if we could start over again, we wouldn’t do it differently. Continuing our story, we moved for a second time. We kept improving and everyone participating in our workout sessions continued to progress as well. The number of instructors has increased, and due to the growing interest, we have given people the opportunity to test themselves in the exercises they have learnt. The private tournaments had slowly outgrown themselves, so later on we let people from other gyms get involved too. We have expanded, the demand for various trainings increased. All these have justified the step that lead to the opening of the first and only official CrossFit gym of the town and region, known today as CrossFit&more DS. Behind the seemingly grey walls, many sports activities found their home. Being a joint venture, after a long designing process, we have managed to build a multifunctional space that has been specifically created with the ideas and orientations of its members in mind. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners for this chance and for all the help they have given us and still give us today, and last but not least, for seeing our efforts and for noticing us. We also appreciate the effort of everyone who has given up their free time and gave us a helping hand during our moves.

 Recalling our story, we both believe that the secret of success lies primarily in putting our HEARTS into what we do in all circumstances!