Name:Linda Skuráková

Specialization:SM-Systém, Spiráldinamika

Certifications:2014 – Diplom Pilates Instruktor

2015 – Diplom Functional Stretčing

2015 – Blackroll Trainer

2017 – AF Rehab, Spiral stumbling of the back

Other Certificates:

About me

 I've been struggling with a strong backache since I was young. My condition has worsened after childbirth and nursing, and sedentary lifestyle have caused further harm. The situation worsened to such an extent, that one day I could not stand the pain. After having been diagnosed with a slipped disc, treatments followed each other, with no encouraging results.

I became a full-time patient, four out of four doctors recommended surgery. I do not want to talk about what I was going through in depth, but people with my condition know exactly what it is like. At the age thirty-one, as a mother and wife, I re-evaluated my life, and my primary goal was to improve my health as soon as possible. My doctor, in the light of my young age, tried to avoid surgery and recommended exercises instead.

I felt that this might be a new beginning for me, so I have started my research. The most obvious starting point seemed to be to look up asymptomatic patients. Based on their experiences and through the data collected on the Internet, I have learnt about a number of methods. I had to choose the one that would accompany me for the rest of my life.

Understanding the SM system's method based on the readings and the results I saw also encouraged me to try it. Over thirty years of experience, painless life of people living with the condition, the ability to exercise even in case of acute pain, or during pregnancy; and I could continue with the positive list of recommendations for this method.

During this period, I started to deal more closely with the subject of spinal stabilization. I have completed several courses in this subject and relating to rehabilitation, including the SM system 1-2 courses. The spine stabilization became my life. Today, as a SM system instructor, I share my experience and I feel that as a result of this I can create a more intimate relationship with my clients, thus our collaboration is more effective. To finish my story - I've been painless for more than three years and I exercise every day. Whatever exercise I do, I do it consciously, and I have more energy now than I had in my twenties. The SM system has given me a lot including the most important thing, the ability to move. It seems incredible, but my own example shows that if you use this method, you can avoid surgery. I advise everyone to spend at least 15 minutes a day exercising to maintain the spine's mobility and stability.