Name:Vércse Szabina


Certifications:2016 – Jóga Atmacenter 6 in 1 200 h, Budapest;

About me

 I am Szabina Vercse, a full-time mother and yoga instructor.

In Budapest, I was lucky enough to learn from the best instructors and I have several qualifications. I offer six kinds of yoga classes: spine therapeutic, hip opener, shoulder opener, Agni, detox and Yin yoga:

Spinal cord therapy - emphasizes the flexibility and flexibility of the spine; hip opening - the goal of opening the hips, they more loose the flexibility, because our sitting lifestyle, and the enormous amount of tension that has been deposited there;

shoulder opener - opening of the shoulder, stretching of the trapezoid it the main goal, omn the emotional level is the cleaning of the heart chakra;

agni - focuses is on digestion, which can help in weight loss in overweight and low body weight;

detox - full ripening of the abdominal organs and intestinal tract and fresh blood filling and activate the lymphatic system, the totally detoxification is the goal;

yin yoga classes - which I specially recommend to men, and the fingering of female energies and the quality time spent on ourselves is important.

 I've been teaching for more than a year. My goal is to help people, to multiply faith in themselves, to maintain health and, if necessary, to cure illnesses. I want to teach people that they can do anything.