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What is CrossFit?

 The reason to create an elit fitness was the clients special need to practice fitness based on the prescription of CrossFit, that sounds, constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. Members of CrossFit Dunajská Streda are coming from different professions, forming a community with the same goal, to become better, and the best in CrossFit. This idea provides enormous energies nescessary to implement gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning tasks. CrossFit is strength and conditioning program, our speciality is not specializing. This means, that we make efforts to encourage our members through workouts to become equal part gymnasts, olimpic weightlifters, and sprinters. We are not the typical gym that is the public belief of fitness, so you will not find there the equipment specific for classical fitness. We are a real fitness in the sense that we are competent in all of the 10 general physical skills:

1. Cardiovascular endurance
2. Stamina
3. Strength
4. Flexibility
5. Power
6. Speed
7. Coordination
8. Agility
9. Balance
10. Accuracy

 Our MISSION is to become the number one gym providing highest quality training by reliable knowledge to achieve customer satisfaction. According to our VISION, we help the customers live fuller, happier and healthier lives by providing highest quality training based on reliable knowledge.

 Last, but not least, having fun is the core, that holds it all together, and this is one of the most important driving forces that helps to be challenged in every workout.
If you feel interested, would like to try yourself and meet our community we are happy to see you.


 There is only a small group of people who we do not recommend Crossfit. They are specialists, and solo trainers. Specialists, athletes training for one sport will not get the best results following the standard CrossFit workout schedule. Also true for solo trainers, who love to work out alone. CrossFit is group training. Together Everyone Achieves More /TEAM/. This is our perception.
Getting started, first of all, you have to keep in mind, that you are competing against yourself, not others, so don’t try to keep pace with athletes more practised is CrossFit. By the time you will experience a prominent improve in intensity.
The next important key factor to reach your goals is nutrition. It affects your energy levels, your recovery, and your overall defense against disease.
In sum, there is no barrier –including age- to start working on your strength and conditioning program and meet your first WOD /WORKOUT OF THE DAY/.

Kid gymnastics

 Destská gymnastika je vhondná pre deti od 4 do 11 rokov. Základom každej hodiny je veku primeraný pohyb, dobre zvládnuté dýchanie a správny strečing detského svalového tonusu. Cieľom GYM4KIDS je zvládnuť základné gymnastické pohyby, nadobudnúť správne držanie tela a neustále rozvíjať detskú kondíciu a vytrvalosť.


 I began teaching group sessions with a Kettlebell instructor qualification. I have to say, training with Kettlebells is a very effective and interesting way for developing the combined power of the body. If you also want a toned body and a great deal of stamina, I can really recommend it. However, after a while my body wanted something more to complete my training regime. This is when I began to incorporate CrossFit into my life (Kettlebell training is a part of it). Since my twenties, I have always been active and I feel lucky because my body  susceptible to the various forms of exercises. Nevertheless, I have had difficulties with the CrossFit Olympic weightlifting exercises because the acquisition of technical elements is not going to happen overnight. CrossFit is a continuous learning process, each workout is different, and there is always an exercise in which we can improve, let it be gymnastics, weight lifting, or our endurance. It is a misconception that training only makes you sweat. I believe that everyone participating will take on some kind of information and knowledge that can be useful in upcoming training sessions and in life as well.

 I think that all of our clients have their own story for why they chose CrossFit. So does Miki, who is sort of an oddball. All the eyes are on him when he enters the room. He pretends to be an outsider, he hides in the corner and he trains. Let's be honest, the place where we live is not famous for the humbleness of people. Is it good or not, it's a question of attitude. I like it when someone is not showing off and does not tell you every single aspect of his development. Why? Because this way you do not put your energy towards the things that you expect success from, instead, you are always after receiving positive feedback. However, it is impossible to produce a level of progression that provides continuous long-term popularity on social media.

 But let's get back to Miki. One day, I went up to him and asked him straight: “Where does this high level of dedication in your workouts come from and how do you know so much about using Kettlebells? It turned out that he also had a Kettlebell instructor qualification but it was not coaching ambitions that lead him to this path. From his shy behaviour, I would never have guessed this. On top of that, three years ago, he weighed 170 kilograms - today, only a few photos remind him of that. He became a stronger person in body and soul, following a determined way of life. Looking at his training technique, I felt the same way I did during my own workouts before. He was good with Kettlebells but he didn’t know much about pull-ups, rope climbing, rowing, squatting with an Olympic bar, and countless other exercises we use on a daily basis.

 There is a saying in CrossFit that I like because it really describes the relationship between each sport and CrossFit. It goes like this: "We do your stuff nearly as well as you do, you can't do ours very well at all, and we do everything that we both don't do much better than you can. Not very humble, I know, but true!"

 Miki's example showed that he was good with Kettlebells at first, but he had difficulties with own bodyweight exercises, rowing and running. By now, he is much better at all of these exercises, and as an experienced Spartan racer, he now takes unexpected challenges within the races more smoothly as well. Thanks to his honest, qualified and not the least, positive personality, we have decided to give him the opportunity to showcase his Kettlebell knowledge in our group sessions.

 To round it all up, I would like to encourage everyone to leave their limitations and excuses behind, grab those training shoes and visit any of our CrossFit and Kettlebell classes listed below. Friendly environment, equipment and good company always guaranteed.

 Let exercising be part of everyone's life!


 Yoga can be a source of liberation and self-discovery, through which we can learn to better understand ourselves, thus finding inner patience and exploring our true self.

 Yoga is the only sport that affects the endocrine system. It has a huge impact on the body, including muscles, nervous system, breathing, meridians, abdominal organs and thus the digestion. After a yoga class, the happiness hormone is circulating in our body for up to a week, making it a natural stimulant. It may help with a slipped disk; heal asthma, nervous system problems and even osteoporosis.

 In our overwhelmed world must be a place within ourselves where we can retreat, where we can recharge with life energy and purity. Yoga is the perfect solution for this and I can show you how to practise it.

SM SYSTEM – Mobilisation and stabilisation of spine

 Nowadays, we are more and more familiar with the concept of SM system, whether directly or indirectly.

The SM-System is an easy-to- navigate motion system whose main goal is to strengthen the muscular muscles ,while relaxing the stiffened parts of the body. Everyday I work with my clients and see how their status changes dramatically. The SM-System is a simple guide to having a back without pain.

The basis of the method is spiral stabilization of the spine, which by movement of the upper limb activates the oblique abdominal muscles and pulls the spine upwards. This allows the treatment, prevention and regeneration of the spine and large joints.

The System is a way to relieve back pain, spine deformities and overload of large joints as an active exercise. With streching the spine upwards to relieve pain, regenerates plaques and joints. The main goals of the exercise are:

- removal of musculoskeletal disorders and spinal disorders,
- help with cardiovascular diseases,
- Remedy of disorders associated with the urogenital and gastrointestinal tract

Additionally, top athletes also use it to increase their performance and prevent degeneration of the spine and large joints. I didn’t have anything to lose, so I went to the closest SM system class.


 Surely, we are all aware of the fact that regular exercise is essential for preserving our physical and mental health. As soon as exercising becomes present in our life, we immediately feel more resistant to the stress we encounter in our everyday life.

 Being an international entrepeneur, I pay close attention to being active as regurarly as possible because without this, it would be much more difficult to stand up to the challenges of business life. Altough I am in my mid-fifties, I feel fit and ready to take on whatever task is ahead of me. This is mainly due to the variety of sporting activites I have been pursuing all my life, including skiing, sailing, soccer, golf and one of my big favorites to this day, squash.

 Squash is a type of sport that gives me the quickest refreshment after a tiring day. Virtually thirty minutes are enough to make my opponent sweat including myself as well. I would like to give a comprehensive view of this sport trend for the beginners as well. Squash is somewhat similar to Tennis but it involves a much faster series of movements and it is much easier to learn, since there is no net which could abstruct the ball’s movement, this way the ball can rarely be hit outside the court. This is a brilliant strategic game, where the our mission is to learn how to dominate the squash court, and furthermore, to make our opponent run.

 Squash became even closer to my heart and brings me even more joy since the moment I started playing on the CrossFit&more courts in Dunajská Streda, where the flooring is much more forgiving on my joints, especially my ankles and knees. It is also worth mentioning the excellent lighting of the courts, which are considered quite rare. Last but not least, guests can feel comfortable in air-conditioned rooms, no matter what the weather conditions are out there.

 In the fitness center, there are several squash instructors available to those who require one – they are well trained and experienced professionals. Thanks to this, novice players can quickly master the rules of the sport, while advanced ones can polish their technique or get an experienced partner to play with. If players need balls or rackets, spare ones are available to rent. As a conclusive thought, I would add that due to the fast-moving nature of squash, it’s perfect for developing stamina and explosiveness.

 This form of motion requires full concentration. As an entertaining and social sport, it enhances performance greatly. It encourages us to get to know our partner, and thus ourselves, which is a great experience and the benefits can be utilized in other areas of our life. Squash is a sport for young, old, women and men alike, regardless of the weather.

Why TRX?

 There are times in every sports person’s life when he or she just can’t devote as much time to workouts as he or she would like to. I had a short period in my life as well when I didn’t have time to visit the gym and I wanted to get my workout done at home. I looked for a solution to stay in shape with minimal equipment use and to bring the best out of myself without the use of weights. During that time, I didn’t have too many equipment available, I had a jumping rope and a high bar in the garden. The best alternative for me was to work out by using my own weight. On a beginner level, this training was limited to different combinations of squats, push-ups, pull-ups and launches. In the beginning, this wasn’t bad but I felt the need to make my workouts more varied. With TRX, you work out by using your own weight but it multiplies the amount of possible exercises when compared to an own weight training with no equipment.

 I bought my first TRX within a short period of time and I have started using it for my workouts. It was a totally new experience to weight training. With TRX, I was able to make my workouts more diverse, since there are more than 100 types of exercises possible, while using TRX, your entire body works as one – which would be very difficult without proper coordination and balance. These exercises force you to have a correct posture, to constantly flex your muscles, which results in a stable, strong core. It is possible to change, lighten or even increase the load during an exercise by just making a step or slightly changing your position. In group session, this feature allows different people to train together, let them be old or young, fit or less fit, or even injured.

 Since I have experienced a lot of advantages to TRX, I decided to learn how to use it professionally. It did not disappoint – I managed to master TRX during the official TRX instructor course. Ever since, I’ve been using the means of group and individual sessions to try and get more and more people to enjoy this form of training.

 In 2011, I have started my first TRX group in Dunajska Streda which is still active today.

 From 2017, we moved to the newly opened CrossFit&more gym.